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5 Ways to Right-Size Your Office Space, Increase Employee Satisfaction and Trim Costs
Office spaces are changing. As market demands and shifting work styles drive companies to re-think the traditional office, real estate professionals are helping their firms discover the many benefits beyond trimming real estate costs. Studies show […] Read More
Work in Boston? Make the Most of Your Summer
We know the focus of many companies (and subsequently landlords) has been to create live-work-play environments for their employees with numerous amenities onsite. But let’s face it: when the work is done, sometimes we just want to get out of the […] Read More
Workplace Strategy: Leveraging Your Space to Attract and Retain Top Talent
Competition for the best talent is fierce, and forward-thinking organizations are re-evaluating the quality of their workspace to attract and retain top talent. By embracing workplace strategy, companies can create a workspace that offers employees […] Read More
The Renewal Option: Why You Should Have It But Probably Shouldn't Use It
What if I told you there’s a provision in most commercial leases that you should ask for but will likely never be used? I’m talking about the renewal option – sometimes called the “extension option”. Understanding its ins and outs can help a […] Read More
Moving Offices? Avoid These 5 Common Blunders
In the corporate environment, many daily tasks take priority over real estate decisions. And rightly so – personnel matters, sales strategies, and long-term visioning are what build successful companies. Matters regarding our office spaces tend to […] Read More