Strategic Services

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  • Miami Area Healthcare Provider
    600,000 SF

    Real Estate Strategy Development
    10 Locations

  • North American Technology Company
    4 Locations

    Location Analysis
    1,000 Staff growing at 15% annually

  • International E-Commerce Company, New York
    100,000 SF

    Consolidation Strategy Development

  • International Life Science Company
    4.1MM SF

    Capital cost avoidance through improved utilization of footprint.

  • International Consumer Products Company
    1MM SF

    IWMS Evaluation, Implementation & Management


  • International Aerospace Company
    2.1MM SF

    Real Estate Portfolio Optimization & Cost Alignment

  • San Francisco Bay Area Life Science Company
    550,000 SF

    5 Year Real Estate Strategy Development

Given the complexity of today’s real estate assets, how do you know you’re getting your money’s worth from your portfolio? How do you meet current space needs while anticipating unexpected ones? How do you align those needs with your overall business strategy? How do you weigh priorities, test scenarios, compare solutions — all in a field far from your own core competency?

Our portfolio strategists deal with these questions every day, using proven methodologies to provide clients with the objective, outside perspective they need to evaluate their space requirements in the context of their business goals.

We create scenarios based on different business priorities — cost, timing, impact on operations, etc. — each one analyzed and mapped to your business objectives. From these scenarios come a number of possible solutions, one of which ultimately becomes the recommended course of action.

Our in-depth analytics give you a true understanding of your portfolio and the ability to assess your space needs over time. This information proves invaluable in many ways:

  • Measuring performance — With a clear picture of your portfolio, you can identify which assets are under-performing, and how you might remedy the situation
  • Managing risks — You can assess the consequences of too much space, too little space, and whether you’re in the right kind of space in the right community. Understanding your risks is the first step to mitigating them
  • Assessing occupancy costs — Our analysis can help you arrive at a Total Cost of Occupancy you can use in gauging your space needs going forward
  • Reduce space costs — With workplace culture and technology changing all the time, our methodologies can help you take advantage of the changes that can work for your business

The goal of our methodologies is to make better business sense of your real estate assets, so you can reduce costs without sacrificing either business effectiveness or employee satisfaction.


ARC: Architectural Resources Cambridge

Beginning in early 2014, Cresa developed a process through which ARC, a nationally recognized…
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Cresa helped Betaseed define their programmatic, growth, and geographic requirements for a new…
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Commencal, a high-end mountain bike company originally founded in Andorra, came to Cresa with the…
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EYP is a global provider of comprehensive building design, research, and related consulting…
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Fender - International Portfolio

Cresa and Fender developed a strategic partnership in 2006 for the delivery of corporate real…
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Gresham Smith & Partners

The objective was to modernize their Headquarters with a more efficient design and workplace…
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Insight Enterprises, Inc. - US Portfolio

In 2010, Insight engaged Cresa as their corporate real estate provider to streamline all corporate…
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Lewis Thomason

This Regional Law Firm leased approximately 17,000 SF on the 25th floor of the Fifth Third…
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Neal & Harwell

The firm needed assistance figuring out what the next generation would look and feel like…
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Sub-Zero/Wolf - US Portfolio

In the past, Sub-Zero’s real estate portfolio was decentralized and each lease was managed at the…
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The Bridgespan Group

The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit advisor and resource for mission-driven organizations and…
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Ask yourself this:

  • Do we know when we’re likely to run out of space?
  • Do we have a plan to keep that from happening?
  • Do all our spaces fit in with our business strategy?
  • If we need 200 new seats in the next 30 days, do we know what we’ll do?
If you’ve answered No to any of these questions, a five-minute phone call with us could be quite enlightening.


Klienta Lokalizacja Powierzchnia
ARC: Architectural Resources Cambridge Boston, MA  22,542 
Betaseed Bloomington, MN  13,000 
Commencal Golden, CO  8,550  
EYP Washington, DC  21,000 SF 
Fender - International Portfolio Scottsdale, AZ  2,700,000  
Gresham Smith & Partners Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 80,000  
Insight Enterprises, Inc. - US Portfolio Tempe, AZ  1,034,639 
Lewis Thomason Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 28,000  
Neal & Harwell Nashville, Tennessee  Class 'A' Office: 31,000  
Sub-Zero/Wolf - US Portfolio Madison, WI  2,300,000 
The Bridgespan Group Boston, MA  28,612 
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