Workspace Planning, Design & Support

Whether designing a functional and inspired space for your team or helping you with a corporate relocation, our workspace planning experts are committed to enhancing the way you work.

Creating spaces that support your talent and foster collaboration.

The traditional office layout and a “one size fits all” mentality is a thing of the past. Our experts understand how influential the right work environment can be and will develop a space that enables growth and enhances productivity.

Workspace Design

We provide space planning and design services to create a flexible workspace that supports your employees. Through our expert lens, we take a fresh look at your existing environment and offer creative alternatives.

Corporate Relocation Management

We make the process of moving your team or organization seamless, organized and painless. Regardless of size, M/A/C or headquarters, we minimize downtime and eliminate costly errors that can make relocation stressful.

Embedded Support

We provide full-time, part-time or as-needed on-site support. Our embedded teams work alongside your employees, supporting your needs, responding to requirements and ensuring all facets of your space enhance your operations.

CAD/CAFM Technical Services

We provide the technical services that help you reach your project goals.


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August 15, 2019

Rethinking Your Real Estate Strategy as Vacancy Rates Hit All-Time Lows

San Francisco can be seen as an indicator market for real estate. Christina Clark, Managing Principal of Cresa’s Global Portfolio Solutions group, examines how low vacancy rates in major cities like San Francisco may offer a glimpse of things to come, predicting the need for technology companies to rethink their real estate strategies.