Cresa's Top 10 List of Workplace Resources

Our new resource list ensures that recommended tools are as available and accessible as possible. This article gives you access to the resources you need, in an easy to navigate list. We developed the full list from a selection of tenant e-resources offered by Cresa Global and other Cresa offices. If you have any questions or comments on this new resource list please contact us. We want to hear from you!

1. Office Space Calculator

An easy to use tool to project your company’s unique space needs. This tool allows you to pick sizes based on a few basic need categories including offices, workstations, conference/training rooms, and visitor/service areas as well as save a printable PDF for future reference.

2. Storage Space Calculator

A tool to help you assess your company’s industrial storage needs. This resource can help you determine how and where to reduce your industrial storage costs by analyzing how your space is used and what it’s used for.

3. FASB Changes: Lease Accounting

A resource to help you understand the new FASB changes and how they will affect your lease accounting. It will walk you through changes in reporting your lease on your balance sheet, how this will impact your future lease decisions, and when these changes will begin to affect you. This resource contains links to 3 other useful articles along with a brief video explanation.

4. Your Next Office Space: How to Prioritize Amenities to Support Recruiting and Retention

An in-depth white paper that explains how building amenities can reinforce your company’s culture and help with employee recruitment and retention. This paper provides you with research to help you prioritize amenities and simplify your space considerations as they relate to the culture you are trying to foster with current and future talent. It delivers insight into how amenities can enhance employee engagement and provide a boost for office productivity.

5. Planning For Future Office Space Needs in the Face of Changing Workforce Demographics

A white paper that explores the current four-generation workforce to provide insight into how this mixture of generations continues to transform the workplace. This article covers experienced talent shortages and changing work styles, expectations, and preferences of the younger generations. Use this resource as a means to anticipate how your company and workplace must grow and evolve to stay relevant and continue to attract top talent.

6. Understanding How Square Footage is Calculated in Your Lease

A highly useful resource to help you understand the measurement of space for the purpose of calculating rent. This article explains the often unknown complexities of measuring space as it relates to what you pay for versus what you actually use. It covers common areas, industry standards, verifying square footage, and understanding how all these factors come together to determine whether you save money or lose money.

7. Know Your Rights as a Tenant

An article explaining some of the rights that you should negotiate for as a tenant to ensure you don’t leave tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. The article covers negotiations, costs, termination, expansion, subletting, intrusions without consent, renewals, and more.

8. What You Need to Know When Considering Project Management to Avoid Critical Mistakes

An in-depth article that highlights how and when to begin looking for new commercial real estate space to ensure a smooth build-to-suit or tenant improvement project. The article discusses project complexity, budgeting, what to look for in a project manager, how to ensure accountability, and the advantages of having a dedicated project manager working for you.

9. What are You Really Getting with Class A Buildings

A very simple resource that outlines the mostly subjective building classification system for commercial office buildings and what you can typically expect to receive as a tenant when looking for Class A space. It quickly covers location, design, and property management as they relate to building class to provide greater perspective before making a final decision on your company’s next space.

10. 3 Trends to Enhance an Open Office Plan

An article that covers current office trends and how to use them in your company’s space. The article discusses natural lighting, collaboration, open floor plans as they relate to productivity, and more. Use this tool to gain a better understanding of how and why to use these trends in your current or next office space.