Buffalo Americas Inc.

  • Buffalo Americas Inc.
  • 16,753 sq. ft.
  • Technology
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
Services Provided
  • Transaction Management
Cresa Team
  • Chris Marchbanks

Client Objectives

  • Reduce occupancy costs.
  • Provide leasing flexibility.
  • Secure renewal option.
  • Minimize out of pocket costs for space improvements.
  • Reduce liability for HVAC maintenance.


Reduced space by 7,237SF, eight months prior to lease expiration resulting in an immediate savings of $87,000 in current lease period.  In addition, over remaining term occupier will save $233,268. Landlord paid for all demising costs and installation of new HVAC units. Tenant’s maintenance liability for old HVAC units have been greatly reduced. Secured a market renewal option.

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