Words To Live By

Words To Live By (for every occasion): Start early and allow plenty of time!

Providing great client service in any transaction should ideally conclude with the smiling client’s tap of their Staples “that was easy” button.

I’ll add the qualifier that great client service has been rendered. Expertly performed client service – with accompanying client satisfaction – leaves no option for the representing commercial real estate broker to be less than fully focused and diligent every step of the way. Sorry, there’s no other option, and shortcuts are not an option.

Sloppy attention to detail won’t cut it in our business. It is no simple task maintaining that compulsory level of intensity considering delays, phone calls not returned that result in call backs – all involving several contacts. Ours isn’t a two-minute or two-hour business; in fact, some transactions take as long as two years. Because no transaction is the same, it’s easy to see why the demand for focused attention is paramount. That’s coupled with the fact that no broker is working with one client at a time as there are usually several transactions – in various phases – occurring simultaneously.

Some clients have no time to wait, and in those cases, we have to be nimble, strategic and quick. So we start early and work each transaction like it’s our first and/or last. Our clients get 100 percent of our attention in order to make sure we plan and negotiate the absolute best agreement for that client.

No matter how much planning and/or research we do, sometimes we’re thrown a curve ball. Stuff happens, changes occur and require adjustment, more calls and more focused effort. In our business, there are events occurring that are totally out of our control; it’s Force Majeure or Vis Major, a Latin phrase that translates to “compulsion of a greater force.” Being able to adapt at a moment’s notice is one of the idioms that we hang our hat on at Cresa Nashville. We have the experience, the knowledge and the skills to manage through whatever comes our way and deliver results for our clients.

Ours is a complicated business with moving parts going every which way. When that transaction is complete, and that client hits the “easy” button, we’re gratified that the client appreciates our level of detail, our planning, our experience and that we’re on top of their transaction at every step to insure we’ve done right by them and they’re in the right space at the right time for their business.


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