We Don't Have Signs Outside Office Buildings!

And here's why......

Imagine the office market as a deck of cards. Take that deck and cut the cards, half on the right, half on the left. Now split the stacks again. You may end up with a dozen or so cards in each stack … maybe fewer. Say each one of those stacks represents a commercial real estate portfolio represented by a broker.

If you are hunting for office space in Nashville, each one of those brokers will promote and do his or her absolute best to have you sign a lease for one of their buildings - represented by a single playing card.

The reason why? Well, their firm may be the landlord in the building... or their firm may have developed the building – but either way, they have a financial interest and want to put you in one of a dozen buildings, in their portfolio, in various sub-markets around Nashville – or any other city, for that matter.

Their firm will usually have its name on a big 'FOR LEASE' sign out in front of the building with a broker or two listed as the contacts. Those brokers have the job of making sure that their building is full of tenants, and while they might find the perfect fit for a business elsewhere, they have an obligation to show you their building first.

Now, take that stack of cards and rebuild the deck.

There are 52 cards – and that's what Cresa represents.

All 52 - all 13 cards in each suit.

That’s the CRESA Nashville advantage!

We don’t have a portfolio of buildings – we have ALL the buildings. The Kings, the Queens, the Aces, even the 1's and 2's . Our advisors can find the exact building and space that meets the need of any business whether an emerging business, or a large corporation with 20+ sites outside the community.

Our tenant-only approach creates instant leverage for the clients we represent because we are constantly talking to landlords, third-party leasing agents, developers and other clients and can provide the best 'of-the-moment' knowledge and advice. With that knowledge, our team knows when tenants are moving buildings and when space is opening up in other buildings. Landlords even call us to let us know what’s moving in the market.

Cresa Nashville doesn't (and we won’t) have big signs on buildings throughout Nashville, but that’s an advantage to us. We don’t push clients towards any particular building – remember that deck of cards – we have every building in our portfolio of choices to make sure we offer the widest variety of spaces that best fits our client and their business.

Our philosophy isn’t just throwing all the cards on the table – we spend time with the client, looking at their business and looking forward 2, 5 and 10 years. We are then able to look at the full deck of cards and narrow it down - until we have 1 small group of cards.... this small group will be the very best options for our clients needs.

With increased construction and labor costs, we are noting higher leasing rates and longer-term leases. These days it's more important than ever to take clients through a planning process with the right team that includes a project manager, architects, engineers, and in some cases, a tax-incentive consultant. Cresa has all these skills within its Team! We won’t squeeze a client into just any vacancy – that’s not a solid real-estate solution. Planning and strategically identifying building options – considering space, amenities, parking (a big issue for many companies) – that’s where we demonstrate our value to clients.

We may have all the cards at our disposal, but we play the hand that provides the best long- or near-term solution for our clients. One that is advantageous for their employees and their company.

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