Remember The Follow Through!

No matter if it’s a free throw, a six-iron to the green or a client relationship. Follow through!

The other day, I received a great compliment from a landlord representative of a large building in downtown Nashville. 

The representative was bragging to someone else, right in front of me, about what a great job I always do for my clients. She went on to say how unique it was (think unicorn) for a broker/advisor to remain involved long after the deal is signed; staying involved in the construction meetings and ensuring the successful implementation of the project.

Compliments are nice to hear, right?

Sure they are, but they are also earned. For me, it’s not just about getting the deal done, it’s about being there - 100 percent - for the client until the rubber meets the road.

Too often in our industry, and it’s unfortunate, but some agents hit the road as soon as the deal is signed.

Some friendly advice to those up-and-coming advisors… hang around until the very end. Stick with the client long enough to make sure they’re happy and everything you promised that other people would do gets done to the client’s satisfaction

Remember – it is the follow through!

No matter if it’s a free throw, a six-iron to the green or a client relationship. Follow through. It’s what also earns you those compliments from time to time.


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