Amazon's Game-Changing Moment In Time


The Perfect Fit For Nashville!

By Principals David McRae, David Koziak & Tatum Flynn


Every few years, in the life of a city, some event comes along that changes the community forever.

In Nashville, over the years, it’s been the decision to build a theme park and hotel near the airport on the Cumberland River; a new arena that revitalized the historic honky-tonk area on Lower Broadway; a stadium to house a NFL team; and a state-of-the-art convention center to attract new and larger meetings and conventions.

Tuesday’s announcement by Inc., that it plans to develop a 5,000-job “Center of Operations Excellence” is one of those moments in time. Who said we’re not still the “It City”?

The State of Tennessee, in its announcement, said the company’s new facility will include the “tech and management functions of Amazon’s Retail Operations division, including customer fulfillment, customer service, transportation and supply chain” as well as other operations. Once this operations facility is fully open, estimated in 2025, we’ll add “tech hub” to our other key industries: auto manufacturing, healthcare and music.

The operations center is a perfect fit for Nashville; most likely, an even better fit than one of the new Amazon adjunct headquarters locations (NYC and Crystal City, Virginia), also announced yesterday. From our point of view, Nashville’s in a better position to embrace and manage the logistics that will come with 5,000 new jobs – an all-out recruitment process to bring newcomers to our city – and occupying a million feet of office space in the Central Business District.

The decision by Amazon to locate in the under-construction Nashville Yards development between Broadway and Church Street in downtown continues the trend of businesses still believing that downtown is “where the action is.” It’s where millennials want to work and live and spend their leisure hours. Currently, we’re seeing increased investment in mixed-use and office space in the downtown core, promising to maintain its 24-hour vibrant atmosphere intact for years to come.

Amazon’s commitment to our region will pay dividends for many years to come. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said, “this is the largest jobs announcement in the history of the State of Tennessee,” and we are anxious to see over the next few years how Amazon’s new operations center becomes an economic-development engine on its own for Nashville.

We’re marking this moment in time as a special day in the life of our city – and look forward to seeing Nashville continue its trajectory of growth and prosperity.



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