Changing Perceptions via a new HQ

  • LPL Financial
  • 451,598 sq. ft.
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client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

  • LPL is the nation’s largest broker-dealer with multiple locations in the US. The Carolina locations were scattered in 5 different Class B properties and productivity and culture were suffering.  In addition, the company had recently invested in new space at other locations and the Carolinas population was feeling like 2nd class citizens.  
  • LPL was clear in the mission for this project which was captured in this statement, “To create a landmark destination of choice that’s designed to promote success and creativity while respecting the planet’s resources.  A special place where everyone is honored for their contribution to the greater whole”.


• Most important employee satisfaction surveys received the highest marks in the portfolio.
• In addition, the cost per seat is the lowest in the portfolio.
• The project was awarded the Carolinas Corenet Chapter award as the top office project in the Carolinas.
• It was also awarded the project of the year from the Charlotte Business Journal
• The client received a significant economic incentive award from the state of SC.
• The purchase of additional land has also provided LPL with the ability to expand their presence by an additional 150,000 SF
• The project is net zero for water usage with a cistern on site to capture run-off.