Cresa Ranks in the Top 10 of Portland's 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies

Blake St. Onge and Sean Heaton, senior vice presidents


What went right last year?

"Traction. We feel that the market is yearning for something uniquely tailored to solve CRE challenges. In many cases, a challenge may not be an actual deal or transaction, but could be lease abstractions, lease audits, workplace consultancy or job description advice. There’s a myriad of challenges that face the industry, but most people simply focus on the “deal” or the headliner. By creating value in these seemingly lower-margin situations, we earn the trust to expand our platform within client organizations." 

Benefits/challenges to working in the Portland metro area?

"Portland is a great place to live and work and it is community-driven, which allows our relationship-based business to thrive. The challenge is the real estate market. It’s great for landlords, but not from the occupiers’ perspective. Workspace is one of a company’s primary recruiting tools, and the cost of it is rising."


See the full interview in the Portland Business Journal. 


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