Takeaways from my First Six Months at Cresa

Takeaways from my first 6 months at Cresa

(the inside scoop by Kelsey Schneider)


  1. Communication is key. 

    It is so important to stay in touch constantly with both your clients and the brokers with whom you are dealing in negotiations. With consistent check-ins, you can take the temperature,
    assure that everyone is on the same page and keep the project timeline on track.

    Don’t wait for others, keep pinging throughout discussions. Also, pick up the phone – it’s much more efficient.

  2. Don’t take the bus home when you drove to work. You will wonder where your car is when you get home.

  3.  Set clear expectations and deliver. Make deadlines for yourself on projects and be sure that those involved in the project are aware of the deadlines.

  4. Do not put coffee grinds in the office kitchen sink, we do not have a garbage disposal.

  5. Find a way to focus on your strengths.

    Every business day contains tasks that expose a weakness – whether it’s a lack of technological skill, an aversion to details, or a reluctance to prospect. Chances are, someone is close by whose strengths are your weakness. A collaboration – blending differing skill sets is how Cresa works well as a team.

  6. Fresh Roll is delicious.

  7. Work with people you enjoy. Your environment affects your happiness.

  8. There is truly no limit on how many coffee meetings you can have in one day.

  9. Network at programs, meetings, and events in the industry – put yourself out there and get to know others in the industry. It’s fun and effective!

  10. Office plant budgets are a thing.

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