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Sean Heaton opened Cresa's Portland office in 2015. Throughout the Portland area, Sean specializes in tenant representation for industrial and technology clients. His solution-driven approach is always client-first and collaborative, supported with over 25 years of industry expertise including transaction advisory, capital markets, and build-to-suits. Sean’s goal is delivering results to his clients that align with their operational needs.
To get to know Sean on a more personal level, we asked him the following questions. 


What is your favorite restaurant in Portland?
It really depends, I have several favorites.  At Park Kitchen, they have a unique, ever-changing menu with lots of personal attention.  For fabulous Italian food and great service, I go to Il Solito, and for a burger and a beer I like Reverend’s BBQ.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside of work? 
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Being outside, sometimes hiking or biking, exploring new places and experiencing new things are what I enjoy the most.  Last weekend we even went ziplining for the first time in Oregon!  We have been travelling to many new places lately and it is a lot of fun.

Why did you decide to become a commercial real estate broker? 
I’m third generation of my family in the real estate business, but the prior two generations were residential. I prefer working with businesses and their real estate needs rather than the homeowner side. The strategic and analytical nature of corporate real estate and matching client’s needs is much more interesting to me.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 
The “no jerk policy” comes to mind. To me, this means striving to do business and work with people that you trust and enjoy being around, and that there is a mutual acknowledgement of the opinions and expertise on both sides of the table. 
What do you like best about working for Cresa?  
I like that we are a unique company in the world, whereby we can act for the betterment of businesses and companies, while also having service lines and resources worldwide.  It is the best of entrepreneurial culture and high level of service with international resources and worldwide colleagues.

What is your favorite thing to do? 
Travel to new places with my family.  We have recently made a couple of trips to New York and Europe. The experiences and memories are absolutely worth the efforts. We plan to visit the East Coast again and Canada in the near future.

Sean Heaton


Sean Heaton

Click here to learn more about the projects Sean has managed and what his clients say about their experience. 


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