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Blake is a passionate corporate real estate advisor with a track record of providing solutions for local and national companies. He is especially skilled at solving problems for tenant clients, with a unique approach and uncompromising service model.

To get to know Blake on a more personal level, we asked him the following questions. 


What is your favorite restaurant in Portland?

Tusk, La Neta and now Bullard! Okay…that’s three.  I could easily list fifteen+.


What activities do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love building wooden train tracks and our little brood of boys (I have 3 sons under the age of 5), playing any sport in the backyard, hiking the wooded trails that navigate throughout the city of Portland with my wife, Kelly, summer camping, snowshoeing, basically anything outdoors and anything that involves my wife and boys.  Friday night movie/pizza nights have now become an event at the house! Oh yeah, can’t forget Sunday smoke days on the Green Egg.  Slow smoked pork carnitas, brisket or tri tip!


Why did you decide to become a commercial real estate broker?

Happenstance, honestly.

While in college, I played baseball and had a work study job as a student ambassador giving prospective students and families tours of the campus and answering all types of questions. I had a knack for getting to know people quickly, and wanted to use that skill in the business world.  Though I always knew I wanted to be in business since an early age, I didn’t seek out real estate as that avenue. The secretary in the admissions office had a son in law in corporate real estate, and after a 2 month internship at the firm in Dallas, TX, 13 years later, here I am!  Guiding businesses through the real estate process, among many other facets of business, has been a great career, not without plenty of emotions in the process!  After being with Fischer & Co. for 11 years, I now co-manage the Portland office for Cresa.  The business also gave me the opportunity to meet my beautiful wife, Kelly, while at the Fischer Christmas party in 2010! Nine years later, we live in Portland, raising 3 energetic and fun-loving boys! I wouldn’t change it for the world!


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve received a TON of good advice over the years from friends, family, mentors, colleagues, etc., but two phrases that have stuck with me, daily, are “know lots of stuff” from my junior year English teacher in high school, and “don’t talk about it, DO IT”, from a college teammate.  I would say two unlikely candidates!  These words/phrases inspire me to continue learning and listening, in order to “know lots of stuff” and to lead by “don’t talk about it, DO IT”.  They permeate nearly every aspect of my life from the office to parenthood.   


What do you like best about working for Cresa? 

I collaborate a lot with other offices, advisors, service lines, and committees, and thoroughly enjoy the team spirit / energy in the Portland office and throughout the company!


What are your favorite books?

I must say I’m a fair weather reader, but when I find a book that grabs my attention, I’m all in!

From a business perspective, one of those books is Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.  The thesis is simple; build real, authentic, genuine relationships through generosity.  The book has been a significant influence in my life!

From a personal perspective, of similar impact, is You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero.  It goes with one of the best pieces of advice given to me.  The premise: take action.  We only get one life to live, so take control of your life, take some risks.

From a biography perspective, Shoe Dog, the memoir of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, was incredible.  A true entrepreneur’s journey.  “Uncle Phil”, as he’s affectionately known, has made such a significant impact on so many levels, in Oregon.  Lastly, from an entertainment perspective, Living with a Seal by Jesse Itzler, was incredible. Actually couldn’t put the book down. Short, impact chapters.  Get up and go!!


Blake St Onge


Blake St Onge


Blake St Onge


Click here to learn more about the projects Blake has managed and what his clients have to say about their experience. 

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