VIDEO: Breaking Down Cresa's Project Management Timeline

For businesses trying to make their sales targets – or simply keep the lights on – formulating and implementing a real estate strategy can seem all-consuming and overwhelming. We understand, and that’s one of the reasons why Cresa was founded. We are here to take some of the pressure that comes with real estate planning and management off your plate, applying decades worth of success exclusively advocating for commercial real estate tenants.

Our project managers ensure success by providing comprehensive oversight of your project – be it a build-to-suit or a tenant fit-out – advising you on all issues of program, feasibility, test-fits during site selection. We collaborate with our real estate advisors during landlord negotiations, maximizing allowances and looking out for your interests at every turn.

What are those turns, you ask? Our project management timeline covers five main areas pertaining to your office and real estate needs. We’ll walk you through some of the details in this blog, but watch the video below to find out more!

Setting workplace strategy: Once you bring on a Cresa project manager, we are involved from the very beginning in helping you find and/or design a workspace that matches your company’s goals.

Design, budgeting and scheduling: As we provide you with different real estate options and begin to sketch different design schemes, we also create custom budgets and schedules so you’re never guessing what your out-of-pocket will be – or how long it will take to move into your new space.

Bidding: Once we have a design –for either a new space or your current office – your project manager will send it out to at least three general contractors to get most competitive pricing.

Construction and implementation: Managing a construction build-out is a full-time job. That’s why a Cresa project manager will take on the role as conduit between the architect, the contractors, and you, our client. We’ll do the heavy lifting ensuring the project remains on-schedule and on-budget.

Move management: Moving a staff into a company’s new space must be seamless. You’ve got a business to keep running. We’ll manage the move from packing up the old space to unpacking in your new space so your employees don’t miss a beat.

And the best news? When you’re ready to do it again in a few years, Cresa will be here – ready to lighten the load.


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