Staying Positive and Connected in Challenging Times

Quarantine, social distancing, and the limited ability to be active and engaged is taking a toll on people around the globe. Many of us miss our office environments, colleagues, and even our commutes! Here are some ideas to help you stay positive during these challenging times:

Stay Connected, On and Off the Clock

As we adjust to working from home and social distancing, technology can be our saving grace. By using communication tools like FaceTime and Zoom, we can stay connected both personally and professionally, and ease the feelings of loneliness and isolation many of us are experiencing. Many companies are instituting virtual happy hours, coffee breaks, or yoga sessions to help colleagues stay in touch. A simple hello and checking in with people you care about can do wonders for your mood and sense of normalcy.

Give Some Grace

Some employees attempting to work from home are juggling a three-ring circus of children, animals, and spouses, all vying for their attention. The best thing we can do is be supportive and have a little extra patience for everyone’s unique situation. If things are a bit hectic in the background during a call, cut your colleagues some slack – we won’t have to work like this forever! Plus, sometimes letting your kids pop onto a video chat to say hello to your office friends can be a welcome moment of comic relief. A community thrives when it cares for each of its members and their families.

Set Boundaries on Media

While staying informed is important, an onslaught of negative coronavirus information can be damaging to our mental health. Some offices have kept all COVID-19 information siloed in one place on their internal intranet or basecamp. Checking a reliable news source once or twice a day should provide an adequate amount of information without being overwhelming.

Focus on the Task at Hand

“One Day at a Time” is a good reminder to deal with each day’s problems instead of obsessing over the future. People who have spent significant time in isolation, like astronauts, preach this concept. Cady Coleman, who spent six months alone on the International Space Station suggests “focusing on the mission at hand.” Tackling smaller immediate tasks now, like organizing food and doing routine maintenance, will have a big payoff later on; as Cady says: “every little action we take today makes a difference in the future”.

Return to Normalcy 

Although it can feel like the pandemic and the resulting restrictions will never end, it’s important to remember that everything is temporary. Eventually, we will return to our workplaces, and life will become more normal. Until that happens, let’s do our best to stay connected, focused, and cut ourselves (and our colleagues) some slack. We at Cresa are so lucky to have a strong, thriving work community where employees and their families are truly cared for. Refusing to take that for granted is a wonderful exercise in perspective. 

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