How to Prepare for a Smooth Return to Work Post-Quarantine

While this period of quarantine due to COVID-19 is challenging for everyone, it’s important to keep calm while navigating the onslaught of information being received. Our everyday lives have been massively disrupted, and that’s difficult to adjust to. But if we have to spend this time isolated in our homes, let’s take this opportunity to complete the tasks we’ve been putting off. That way, when we're able to transition back to our normal lives, we won't feel overwhelmed with responsibilities we wish we had taken care of. Here are a few ideas of things you can do during the quarantine period that will ensure a smooth transition back to our regular schedules, whenever that may be.

Organization is Key

Is your computer overloaded with client and work files? Is your desktop or hard drive so clogged with downloads that you can barely see the home screen? Do you have 4,781 unread emails in your inbox? Take advantage of this time to clear out anything you don't need. Organize your existing files and delete any duplicates. When things ramp up at work again, you’ll get things done much faster because your documents are organized and easy to access.

Home is Where the Office Is

With most employees telecommuting, everyone is forced to create their own workspace at home. Whether you already have a designated home office, or you’ve created a makeshift one, take this time to streamline your physical workspace. Go through paper files and determine which ones you need to keep and try to implement an organized system. You’re much more likely to get work done in a clean, inviting atmosphere.

Communication Lines are Open

If youre in a business development role, focus on maintaining communication with your existing clients with whom you have current projects. You can also consider reaching out with a short email to those clients you’re not actively working with, letting them know you are thinking about them and their staff. People in business development roles can also take this time to get laser-focused on the future, planning out the 2020/2021 pipeline. Get everything organized in one document, like Smartsheet, and capitalize on the time you have to collaborate digitally with your teammates.

According to Schedule

We all know how valuable sticking to a schedule can be in our daily lives, and that’s no different during this period of quarantine. Sticking to a routine will help you remain productive amidst this disruption and will remain useful when its time to bounce back to the normal office setting. Don’t underestimate the value of a home workout around the same time you would normally head to the gym. You can also go for a walk in the fresh air. Keep waking up around the same time each day and be sure to get out of your pajamas!

While we navigate these uncertain times, let’s stay focused on what we can do now, and plan for the future as best we can. Take advantage of the cancellations and gaps in your schedule to get organized, stay in touch, and ensure you can be as efficient as possible when normalcy returns.

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