Data Center Colocation Facility Optimization and Cost Reduction

Success Story for Jason Jones of Cresa Global, Inc. and Sharecare
  • Sharecare
  • 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Technology
  • Atlanta
  • Nashville
Services Provided
  • C3: Communications Connectivity Cloud
Cresa Team
  • Jason Jones

Client Objectives

  • Increase the efficiency and utilization of each location 
  • Coordinate repairs and upgrades for all locations with little or no capital outlay by Atlanta Allergy 
  • Develop standards to address future facilities 


Together Cresa and Atlanta Allergy achieved significant savings on occupancy costs at their locations. This strategy resulted in an average annual rent reduction in excess of  $25,000 per location and cumulative savings over new lease terms in excess of $2,680,000 for the last twelve locations.

Cresa negotiated Landlord-funded improvements for the last twelve locations totalling over $2,330,000.

Cresa and Atlanta Allergy worked with architects, space plan-ners, and building contractors to develop new office stan-dards, project timelines, cost benchmarking analyses, location analyses and space utilization metrics.

I was extremely impressed with Cresa’s ability to guide and participate in the negotiation process, meeting our needs and bringing us significant value by saving us time and money. Because of this, I look for additional opportunities we can work together and I appreciate their dedication, due diligence and advocacy at the highest level.
Dan Agronow  |  CTO

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