Real Estate Strategy and Implementation for Major Community Credit Union

Success Story by Brooks Morris, Tom Tindall, Mike Loy, and Jason Jones of Cresa Global Inc.
  • LGE Community Credit Union
  • 60,000 sq. ft.
  • Financial Services
  • Atlanta
Services Provided
  • Transaction Management
  • Project Management
  • C3: Communications Connectivity Cloud
Cresa Team
  • Brooks Morris
  • Tom Tindall
  • Mike Loy
  • Jason Jones

Client Objectives

  • Real Estate Strategy as it relates to LGE Headquarters and its branches
  • LGE HQ Strategy and Implementation 


  • Strategic Planning: Identify and analyze scenarios, and compare own vs. lease from a qualitative and quantitative perspective
  • Sale leaseback/disposition: Strategies and Implementation 
  • Disposition of Corporate HQ
  • Strategy and implementation of corporate relocation 
  • Incorporate space utilization and project management: measured twice and cut once 
  • Relocate data center to colocation facility and negotiate telecom and data contracts using Cresa's C3 Service Line. 
  • Pursue and negotiate relocation opportunities: used Transaction Management, Project Management, and C3.  


We wanted an office that mirrored our reputation: distinguished, professional and high-quality. From the beginning, Cresa understood our business objectives and what we wanted to achieve. Thanks to them we’ve achieved a substantial increase in the space at our site and are well on our way to buying our future home
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Cleint Company

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LGE Community Credit Union

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