Cresa Advisor Winters Heafey Joins Youth for a Change Board of Directors


Cresa advisor, Winters Heafey, has joined the board of directors for Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC). As a board member, Winters will provide counsel and fundraising support to lift the organization’s mission of solving Colorado’s dropout crisis. 

“Education has always been a passion of mine; I was an education major in college and if I didn’t join the Army, I was going to be an elementary school teacher,” said Winters Heafey. “The drop out crisis is a growing issue nationally, and we need to support our future leaders. The statistics are sad when you look at how many kids drop out due to poor teaching/adaption of education pedagogies.” 

The CYC serves over 2000 students a year. It is committed to engaging students with appropriate advocacy, expertise, and individualized educational plans to support them as they work towards a high school diploma or GED.

In addition to joining the CYC board, Winters is also a member of the board of advisors for Denison University, is on the CoreNet membership committee and is on the advisory council for Mountain Time Media. For more information about Winters and the work he does at Cresa click here. 

About Youth for a Change 
The dropout problem in Colorado is serious and our community pays a hefty price. Currently, there are more than 10,000 dropouts in our state. The average high school dropout is not eligible for 90 percent of available jobs and will cost taxpayers nearly $300,000 over their lifetime in lost tax revenue, crime, incarceration, and health-related costs. Colorado Youth for a Change is solving Colorado’s dropout crisis. Since 2005, CYC has substantially contributed to decreasing the number of dropouts in Colorado. And of the over 1,700 students we serve annually, 70 percent continue enrollment or graduate. Find out more at .