Is downtown becoming Denver's new tech hub?

Denver's tech scene is growing up and moving up.

Downtown high-rises built in the late '70s and early '80s are seeing new energy as tech tenants plant their flags in or near the city's Central Business District.

Supply and Demand 

"There has been a philosophical shift in how Denver has grown up," Johnson said.

Tech companies originally wanted small, satellite offices outside of the Central Business District in areas like the Central Platte Valley and LoDo, according to Johnson.

Younger tech talent wanted to live, work and play in the same area, driving a lot of office demand in the Market St. and Wynkoop St. areas, said Rick Door, also a managing principal at Cresa's Denver office.

But that isn't the case anymore, because as those companies grew and matured, they couldn't stay there, Johnson said.

The Platte Valley and LoDo areas' lack of supply and cost of rent helped drive the tenant migration into other downtown areas, said Door.

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