Los Angeles

Pamela Klesert



Pamela Klesert is an accomplished Principal with a proven track record of success in providing guidance and leadership in the areas of real estate acquisitions, consolidation and dispositions within the corporate and brokerage arenas. Pamela serves as a principal point of contact on Oracle America’s 8 million square foot portfolio in North America. Core responsibilities include management and delivery of projects involving mixed teams, both internally and externally.


Los Angeles
11726 San Vicente Blvd
Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90049



Pamela has more than proven her ability to lead in all aspects of a large and complex transaction. Her competence, compassion and ethics are exemplary. In providing a broad spectrum of services, I have found her to be flexible, respected and admired by peers, subordinates and superiors alike.
Kathy Dunlap  |   Senior Real Estate Manager
Levi Strauss & Co.
Pamela attended UCLA where she majored in Sociology. Prior to committing her efforts to the Oracle account, she acted as the Head of Real Estate, Americas, for British Telecom.
Pamela is a member of CoreNet Global, Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Association (LACRA) and Women’s Leadership Roundtable.