Eighth successful project for major U.K. real estate portal

  • Zoopla
  • 58,071 sq. ft.
  • Technology
  • London
Services Provided
  • Consulting
  • Transaction Management
Cresa Team
  • Luke Philpott
  • Robert Leigh

Client Objectives

Our latest acquisition of additional space on behalf of ZPG brings our total number of completed projects for them to eight within the past five years. During this time we have been appointed and reappointed to help them acquire two main HQ buildings, that latter of which was achieved as an off-market prelet, completely outside of public domain.

We have executed a number of disposals of inherited and unwanted real estate as ZPG has purchased other companies, simultaneously handling surrender deals, assignments, rent reviews and dilapidations for them.


  • Two separate headquarter lease acquisitions, one on and one off-market
  • One sublease, one surrender and one assignment of residual and unwanted inherited space as a result of M&A activity
  • Ongoing portfolio assistance

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