The Occupier: 2019 Predictions

The newest edition of The Occupier is now available. In this issue, we've dusted off the crystal ball to bring you our top predictions for the market in 2019.

Robust and resilient demand in 2018

Occupiers' leasing commitment outstripped expectations. We reflect on how the London market fared last year. 

Falling rents

As prime rents in core locations came under downward pressure in 2018, market uncertainty could favor those committing to space in 2019.

Real estate as a service (REaaS)

The relationship between a business and its office is changing—how that space is transacted needs to change, too.

Landlords to strike back in 2019

The gloves are off as landlords set to ramp up competition for occupiers countering the rise of flexible office providers.

Office design is changing

Function before fun. Working practices and workforces are changing—so too is the office.

Not forgetting Brexit

Global political and economic events continue to impact business decision-making. Real estate won't be immune.

The occupier market is changing at a significant pace and 2019 looks set to be a pivotal year in more ways than one. From how office space is design, leased and ultimately used, we are here to support you on your real estate journey. 

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