The Start-Up Guide to Finding the Perfect Office

It’s time to find your next office. So where to begin? That’s where this DeVono Cresa guide comes in. We aim to help you look beyond the jargon and PR-speak that so often surrounds commercial property - to hone in on what’s really important: the best possible deal on the office that’s right for your business.

This eBook will guide you through determining what you want and were you should look to find it.

To break this down, we've split this guide into five parts:

  1. Office lettings arrangements explained: an overview of commercial leases and licenses (including key terms) and how they can benefit different types of businesses.
  2. Location: should you make a bee-line for a sector hub or consider options elsewhere?
  3. Accommodating your workforce: how many square feet do you really need?
  4. Supporting the way you work: what should be on your wish-list when it comes to property design, features and services?
  5. Spotting opportunities: how to access the right deal on the right property.

Click here to download and read the eBook.

To start your office search today call us on 020.7096.9911.

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