We Are the Key: Real Estate Future Trends 2020

This article was originally published on the We Are The Key event page.

The Smart Conversation's annual We Are They Key Real Estate Future Trends 2020 event took place Thursday, January 23th. The event was attended by more than 300 professionals who discussed the future of Spain's CRE industry. These conversations were lead by 50 professional leaders in six key industry areas: retail, workplace, hospitality, residential, alternative models and investments.

Throughout the day, there were discussions about which factors are most the most influential to Spain's CRE market today. These include demographic and lifestyle habits, digitalization, sustainability, climate change, new models of relationship between business and employees and the collaborative economy.

Experts highlighted trends that impact, to a greater or lesser extent, real estate and direct decision making by investors:

  • The great potential of alternative models and hybridization between different areas;
  • The strong demand from customers to receive agile and highly personalized proposals;
  • The impulse that new technologies provide to better understand the current market and future trends; and
  • The need to deepen solutions of integral services evolving from the classic industrial model.

The group also examined the influence of co-working in the design of spaces for large companies and their tendency to extend to smaller cities; the need to evolve towards a “workplace as a service” model; and the combination of flexibility and personalization in work environments.

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