Moving Offices Does Not Have To Be Stressful

Workplace strategy experts prepare employees for an office relocation or a refit and teach them how to use new space effectively. In this way they support the employer, the design team and the concept creator – the architect – says Wojciech Krupa, Head of Workplace Strategy.

The change or renovation of your office may cause serious disruption or even crisis in the organization and therefore, you need to be well prepared for it.

Change management (or special ops team)

And here begins the work of workplace strategy experts – they support employees and – what’s most important – they prepare design guidelines for the architect. They inform and explain the employees at each stage of the construction works how the new office will look like and how they will use it on a daily basis. Typically this is handled by a team of two or three, but, if needed, the experts are supported by trainers and crisis specialists.

Ideally the change management should start just right after the decision on the relocation or renovation of the existing office is made. It is often a year before the selection of an architect and sometimes even two or three years before the move. It is a very important moment, which requires professional information management as gossip and rumors are most likely to spread when there is a lack of clear and effective communication. Workplace Strategy experts guide employees through all the intricacies of the process and during workshops conduct simulation of new work environment utilization, or organize an office tour.

Smart architect support

Change management is a long term process which should be run alongside the interior design of a new workplace. It supports the architect, preparing employees for the change and teaching them how to effectively use the designer’s concept in everyday work.

The architect designs office according to the investor’s vision. In a new office we have, let’s say, relax zones, telephone booths, various conference rooms and areas for informal meetings. And the company moves from an older office, where there were only one or two regular conference rooms and each workstation was assigned to one specific employee. Uprooted from familiar places employees cannot find their way around in a new office. Everything is different, new rules apply. That’s why workplace specialists take part in the office move to help employees prepare for all these changes – with empathy and understanding of the needs and challenges.

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