• Halt
  • 4,645 Square Metre
  • Healthcare
  • Eindhoven
Services Provided
  • Transaction Management
  • Location Strategy & Economic Incentives
  • Consulting
Cresa Team
  • Rolf Vermeer

Client Objectives

Halt is a Dutch organization that organizes short-term interventions to prevent, combat and punish juvenile crime. The foundation is funded by the Ministry of Justice and Security. Cresa accompanied Halt in the past few years with the hiring of dozens of locations.

Since January 2013, Halt is one organization with teams across the country. The organization consists of teams that connect to the judicial card and the ten police regions. The change in strategy has major consequences for housing. A number of lease agreements must be bought off. Parallel to this, dozens of new satellite locations and three administrative offices are being rented nationwide. Cresa accompanied Halt in the transactions.


  • Portfolio management: holistic view of locations, lease contracts and a plan for the future.
  • One point of contact for multiple locations.
  • A portfolio that specifically matches the organizational objectives.

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