New office restaurant chain launches in Budapest

This article was originally published in the Budapest Business Journal.

Their first restaurant, also called "Kantin", located in Advance Tower on Váci út, is already open. The establishment overperformed expectations, and thus the owners have decided to announce opening up a second "Kantin" in 2020, which will be followed by three further units.

The restaurateurs will be helped by tenant representation company VLK Cresa in picking their future locations.

VLK Cresa says that the office market is ahead of significant changes. The economic growth of recent years has increased demand for higher quality offices, meaning that developers have begun incorporating a variety of premium services into their office complexes.

In the last year alone, well-known franchises have opened about a dozen cafés inside office buildings in Budapest. The press release says that the next stage of changes will be marked by the appearance of premium restaurants.

While the main criterion for office building restaurants used to be cheapness, the appearance of Generation Y and Z employees has created an opening for the appearance of a new, premium segment on the market with their demands, according to Valter Kalaus, managing principal at VLK Cresa.

The "Kantin" brand restaurants will aim at challenging other office restaurants with higher quality dishes and better design, instead of lower prices. The owners use ingredients that fit the reputation of their former, well-established brands, and aim to serve not only those looking for a quick business lunch but people simply looking for a delicious meal as well.

The menu features dishes such as Greek chicken burger with feta and tzatziki, sous-vide pullet breast with tomato sauce and arugula mashed potatoes, and desserts like gluten-free cottage cheese cage and poppy seed cake with sour cherries. The restaurants will offer wok dishes, vegetarian meals, as well as international and Hungarian specialties. The establishments will have a café section as well.

"Employees are increasingly looking for premium quality and attractive design," says Béla Szini. "Beside business aspects, we also aim at launching a quality revolution in office catering. We make no compromises when it comes to ingredients used for the dishes, as we use only the best."

György Losonci, expert at VLK Cresa responsible for the firmʼs retail branch, says "Two teams with twenty years of experience in hospitality have come together. This knowledge and market knowledge helps them in building a new restaurant chain. The first restaurant was the test, the success of which vindicated their business plan, so they are already working on preparing the second restaurant."