• Kuehne and Nagel
  • 2,560 Square Metre
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Brussels
Services Provided
  • Workplace Intelligence
  • Transaction Management
  • Location Strategy & Economic Incentives
Cresa Team
  • Anthony Huygen
  • Dominik D’Herde
  • Geert Claus
  • Guillaume Vandermaes

Client Objectives

Kuehne+Nagel was situated in the center of Antwerp for quite some years. From a technical and spatial point of view, the existing building was not performing. The management and actual staff members were not aware of the impact this kind of ‘old fashioned’ work environment had on the attractiveness as an employer. The expiring lease date was the trigger they needed to have Cresa prepare a stay or leave analysis. Kuehne+Nagel had better alternatives to improve both the lease cost and the quality of the work environment and take a giant leap forward.


After a thorough analysis, technical, financial and operational comparison a relocation seemed to be the best option for Kuehne+Nagel. By optimizing the space use they were able to offer their employees a much nicer work environment with more variety of work-spaces on the same amount of space. Future growth can be absorbed with the flexible office concept. Cresa Belgium was able to negotiate a big tenant improvement allowance and several months of free rent.
“Cresa Belgium asked us the right questions, challenged our answers to define our future needs and requirements. Step by step they’ve guided us through the process which led to a very successful end-result. They were worth every money spend since the return was enormous due to the no cure no pay success fee model.”
Ernst Cuppens  |  Managing Director
Kuehne+Nagel Belgium

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