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John Tan

Vice President


John is a Vice President for Cresa Singapore, part of the largest commercial real estate occupier advisory firm in the world. He has the passion to serve non-profit organizations, and has been actively assisting these entities for their relocation to commercial properties that suit their business objectives and goals.

John has been a rising star since joining Cresa Singapore in 2016 as he actively builds his portfolio of successful deals in corporate real estate. In 2019, John made a stellar performance in the sector of Residential Sales where he concluded several residential sale units to a high net-worth client.


Corporate Office
14 Robinson Road
#11-02A Far East Finance Building
Singapore, 048545

  • Agro Capital Management
  • Yong Li International Trading
  • CNFPI (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Global Telecommunications Investment Holding Group
  • 7Mark Pte Ltd
  • H20 AM Asia