Janet Tew Bio Image

Janet Tew

Vice President


Janet is a Vice President for Cresa's Singapore office, part of the largest commercial real estate occupier advisory firm in the world.

With Janet’s years of experience and passion in the commercial space sector, she is set to be a deal maker for many years ahead. She is recognized by her clients’ for her high energy and positivity in all situations. She is persevering in advancing her clients’ interests and does not give up easily even in face of setbacks and unforeseen circumstances.



Corporate Office
14 Robinson Road
#11-02A Far East Finance Building
Singapore, 048545

Janet holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA Hons) from University of Wales. She studied 4 years while still working with Singapore Airlines.
  • Exen Resources Pte Ltd
  • Airtrunk Singapore Pte Ltd 
  • Catapult Ventures Pte Ltd 
  • ICHX Tech Pte Ltd 
  • Wechain Fintech Pte Ltd 
  • Fullerton Law Chambers LLC 
  • MA Energy (Sg) Pte Ltd 
  • Payvision Singapore Pte Ltd 
  • Scott Brownrigg South East Asia 
  • TVS Asianics Supply Chain Solutions Pte Ltd 
  • Xingang Investment Pte Ltd 
  • Lotus Chain Foundation Pte Ltd 
  • Schweizer Electronic Singapore Pte Ltd 
  • Jameson Brand Furnishings Pte Ltd
  • Genetic Computer School Pte Ltd 
  • BBTC Capital Partners Pte Ltd 
  • YSQ International Pte Ltd
  • Logic Monitor Pte Ltd 
  • GN Hearing Pte Ltd 
  • Blis Media Pte Ltd 
  • Cairnhill Law LLC