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920 Second Avenue South
Suite 900
Minneapolis, MN 55402
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  • Minneapolis CBD

    Market Report

    210,000 (2014)
    Avg. Lease Rate
  • Saint Paul CBD

    Market Report

    55,000 (2014)
    Avg. Lease Rate
    $18.37 (FSG)
  • Southwest

    Market Report

    165,000 (2014)
    Avg. Lease Rate
    $22.15 (FSG)
  • Bulk Warehouse

    Market Report

    400,000 (2014)
    Avg. Lease Rate
    $6.00 - $6.75


Cresa's fiduciary responsibility is to one party only — the tenant. This singular relationship avoids inherent conflicts of interest in the marketplace.

Creating Leverage

We use our expertise, market insight, and years of experience to give you leverage with your landlord.

Strategic Approach

We apply strategic solutions that reduce costs, improve operations, and enhance the performance of your workforce


John Beumer Creative Services Associate 612.373.0283
George Boyadjis, CPA, MBA Director, Corporate Services 612.373.0298
Tim Carlson Principal 612.373.0281
Steven G. Dorgan Managing Principal 612.373.0287
Suzanne Grimm Principal 612.373.0293
Ann Hansen Senior Advisor 612.373.0294
Susan Johnson Office Manager 612.373.9187
Julianne Locke Administrative Assistant 612.373.0282
Steve Mitchell Accounting Manager 612.373.0284
Ashley Moen Senior Advisor 612.373.9183
Jessica Mogilka Senior Advisor 612.767.1278
Nicole Nelson Senior Advisor 612.373.0299
Stephanie Paul Advisor 612.373.9182
Karen Riley Senior Advisor 612.373.0288
Emily Roland Senior Advisor 952.373.9189
William Roozenboom Senior Advisor, Technology Director 612.373.9188
Corey Ruff, CHC, CHFM Senior Advisor 612.373.9180
Ashlyn Schneider Administrative Assistant 612.373.9192
Gwen Schultz Managing Principal 612.373.0292
Thomas Sexton Managing Principal 612.373.0289
Tom Strohm Advisor 612.373.9190
Steven J. Strom Senior Advisor 612.373.0297
Littia Swift Marketing Associate 612.373.9191
Matt Tobin Senior Advisor 612.373.9186
Mike Tobin Senior Advisor 612.373.0285
James Vos Principal 612.373.0290
Jeffrey Wenngatz Senior Advisor 612.373.0280


Success Stories

Client Location Sq. Footage
Betaseed Bloomington, MN  13,000 
CHS Field St. Paul, MN  7,000 Seat Ballpark 
Ecotech Institute Aurora, CO  25,000 
Gander Mountain St. Paul, Minnesota   
IDI Distributors Chanhassen, Minnesota   
Irish Titan St. Louis Park, MN  5,300 
Japs-Olson Company St. Louis Park, Minnesota   
LinkUp Minneapolis, MN   6,000 
Lunds & Byerlys Edina, MN  50,000 
Mithun Minneapolis, MN   63,000 
National Property Tax Client Minneapolis, Minnesota   
Olympus Brooklyn Park, MN   180,000 
OneOme Minneapolis, MN  5,438 
Seward Community Co-op Minneapolis, MN   20,000  
Undisclosed Fortune 150 Company St. Paul, MN  Over 1M 

Subleases & Sales

Property Available Space Rental Rate
Sublease: 4601 Dean Lakes Boulevard
4601 Dean Lakes Boulevard
Shakopee, MN
98,351 SF $14.50 Gross
Sublease: Normandale Lake Office Park
8000 Norman Center Drive, 8th Floor
Bloomington, MN
4,550 SF $24.00 FSG
Sublease: Normandale 8200 Tower
5600 83rd Street
Bloomington, MN 55437
27,447 SF Negotiable
Sale: 515 Bielenberg Drive
515 Bielenberg Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
10.48 acres Sale: $3,200,000
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Property Tax Appeal

Cresa Minneapolis is unique in the realm of property tax appeal consulting because we are real estate professionals active in the market every day. Here is what sets us apart:

Expert Real Estate Knowledge: We leverage our direct national market knowledge to negotiate the fairest property values for our clients.

Single Point of Contact: We prioritize best-in-class communication and transparency with our clients, providing a single point of contact for all matters related to your tax appeal.

Educators, Not Adversaries: We strive to be educators, not adversaries, in our discussions with assessing authorities, allowing us to build relationships of mutual respect and helping us settle the majority of our appeals outside of costly litigation.  


We have reduced property taxes for all kinds of businesses, from medical giants to industrial pioneers.



From the initial risk-free analysis to a fully negotiated settlement, we will be your advocate every step of the way.

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