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Boston, MA 02109
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Joseph Sciolla
Managing Principal
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Adam Subber
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Daniel Sullivan
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  • Boston

    Back Bay Class A

    10,612,618 SF
    (929,542) SF (YTD)
    Avg. Lease Rate
  • Boston

    Financial District Class A

    26,037,379 SF
    517,852 SF (YTD)
    Avg. Lease Rate
  • Boston

    Seaport/South Station Class A

    2,532,834 SF
    503,274 SF (YTD)
    Avg. Lease Rate
  • East Cambridge | Kendall

    Lab Class A

    5,656,616 SF
    54,359 SF (YTD)
    Avg. Lease Rate
    $68.00 NNN
  • East Cambridge | Kendall

    Office Class A

    4,962,433 SF
    93,409 SF (YTD)
    Avg. Lease Rate
  • Greater Boston | Route 128 North

    Office Class A

    6,333,426 SF
    173,640 SF (YTD)
    Avg. Lease Rate
  • Greater Boston | Route 128 West

    Office Class A

    14,703,042 SF
    569,468 SF (YTD)
    Avg. Lease Rate


Cresa's fiduciary responsibility is to one party only — the tenant. This singular relationship avoids inherent conflicts
of interest in the marketplace.


We use our expertise, market insight, and years of experience to give you leverage with your landlord.


We apply strategic solutions that reduce costs, improve operations, and enhance the performance of your workforce.


Katie Barrows Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6065
Gabrielle Beaudry Advisor 617.758.6071
Peter Bechunas Principal, Project Management 617.758.6064
Patrick Boyle Associate, Project Manager 978.590.1032
Amy Braun Senior Advisor, Project Management 617.758.6027
Courtney Brummer Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6037
Jack Burns Managing Principal 617.758.6010
Kimberly Checkoway Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6089
Cindy Cloran Principal, Controller 617.758.6076
John Coakley Vice President 617.758.6039
Victoria Cohen Assistant Project Manager 617.758.6090
Patricia Crow Principal 314.795.2012
Elizabeth D'Agostino Administrative Assistant 617.758.6048
Paul Delaney Vice President 617.758.6016
Brianna DeLuca Marketing Associate 617.758.6029
Jessica Dionne Graphic Designer 617.758.6086
Joseph Doyle Principal 617.758.6018
Jocelyn Driscoll Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6070
Barry Dubé Principal, Project Management 617.758.6074
John Fitzgerald Senior Advisor, Project Management 617.758.6035
Edward Fothergill Managing Principal 617.758.6002
Elizabeth Geary Advisor 617.758.6067
William Goade Managing Principal 617.758.6001
Alexandra Haller Advisor, Account Management 508.544.1026
Matt Harvey Principal 617.758.6003
Raymond Hayes Assistant Project Manager 617.758.6078
Emily Hedeman Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6066
Shashi Jain Principal, Project Management 617.758.6005
Jennifer Jefferis Marketing & Social Media Director 617.758.6050
Timothy Kelleher Senior Vice President 617.758.6007
Michael Labonte Principal, Project Management 617.758.6084
Kelly Lagergren Senior Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6036
Duncan Lake Videographer 617.758.6081
Brandon Leitner Principal 617.758.6040
Derek Losi Vice President 617.758.6021
Richard Lowe Principal 617.758.6030
Paul McCauley Senior Advisor, Account Management 617.758.6013
Michael McCormick Senior Advisor, Project Management 617.758.6015
Shawn McDonough Principal 617.758.6092
Tim Myllykangas Managing Principal 617.758.6026
Andrew Orpik Advisor 617.758.6077
Dwight Patten Principal, Project Management 617.758.6012
David Ross Principal 617.758.6088
Joseph Sciolla Managing Principal 617.758.6004
Robert Shulman Managing Principal 617.758.6008
Adam Subber Principal 617.758.6068
Daniel Sullivan Principal 617.758.6038
Katharine Unangst Administrative Assistant 617.758.6020
Maureen Young Principal 617.758.6006


Success Stories

Client Location Sq. Footage
ARC: Architectural Resources Cambridge Boston, MA  22,542 
Compuware Waltham, MA  68,145 
EMC Corporation Multiple Offices   
EMC Corporation Bedford, MA  320,232 
Excel Orthopedic Specialists Woburn, MA  35,170 
Fresenius Medical Care Multiple Offices   
Helen of Troy Marlborough, MA  65,000  
Hinckley Allen Boston, MA  45,374 
Ipsen (Biomeasure Inc.) Cambridge, MA  62,626 
LPL Financial Boston, MA  68,723  
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Boston, MA  79,000 
Oracle Cambridge, MA  18,644 
OvaScience Cambridge, MA  6,000 
PJA Cambridge, MA  14,500  
The Brattle Group Cambridge, MA  48,500 
The Bridgespan Group Boston, MA  28,612 
Trimble Cambridge, MA  16,402 
Zipcar Boston, MA  46,000 

Subleases & Sales

Property Available Space Rental Rate
Sublease: Boston | 20 Old Colony Avenue
20 Old Colony Avenue
South Boston, MA 02127
26,000 SF Negotiable
Sublease: Boston | 200 Clarendon Street
200 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116
6,340 - 17,117 RSF Negotiable
Sublease: Boston | 75 State Street
75 State Street
Boston, MA 02109
22,444 RSF Negotiable
Sublease: Boston | 71 & 77 Summer Street
71 & 77 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02109
2,235 - 6,146 SF Negotiable
Sublease: Boston | 888 Commonwealth Avenue
888 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02446
21,906 RSF Negotiable
Sublease: Burlington | One Van de Graaff Drive
One Van de Graaff Drive
Burlington, MA 01803
7,511 SF $19.50/SF
Sublease: Burlington | 1 New England Executive Park
1 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803
7,278 RSF (2nd Floor) $26.00/SF
Sublease: Burlington | 14 New England Executive Park
14 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803
4,168 RSF (1st Floor) Negotiable
Sublease: Burlington | 25 Corporate Drive
25 Corporate Drive
Burlington, MA 01803
13,613 SF $28.00/SF
Sublease: Peabody | 39 Cross Street
39 Cross Street
Peabody, MA 01960
1,723 - 3,627 SF $14.00/SF
Sublease: Waltham | 303 Wyman Street
303 Wyman Street
Waltham, MA 02451
9,261 SF $14.00
Sale: Minneapolis, MN | Office/Medical Manufacturing Campus
4100 Hamline Avenue
Arden Hills, MN 55112
248,589 SF
Sublease: Menlo Park, CA | 162 Jefferson Drive
162 Jefferson Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025
135,307 Negotiable
Sublease: Boston | 3 Center Plaza
3 Center Plaza
Boston, MA
2,020 RSF Negotiable

Cresa Boston Blog

  • 2/3/2016Think Through the Office Layout Pros and Cons
    As we’ve discussed before, many organizations are looking into new and improved workplace solutions as a way to cut costs and increase productivity. Often, however, implementing cost-saving efficiencies conflicts with the goal of fostering a workplace that retains and attracts talent. These experiments can be expensive both in the capital to create a new workplace, […] Read More
  • 1/27/2016Are You Leveraging Your Real Estate to Meet Your Business Goals?
    Your company’s office is where you come to do work, but it’s also so much more: a physical representation of your company’s brand, a place where the culture of your company lives and breathes – and yes, a major expense. A global portfolio of real estate holds significant value, and therefore the opportunities should be […] Read More
  • 1/20/2016Why Hire a Cresa PM?
    People ask us all the time: what difference does a Cresa Project Manager really bring to a real estate search? It’s a great question, the answers to which could save you time, money, and headaches compared to planning for your upcoming lease expiration or office relocation with in-house staff. Here are several of the best […] Read More
  • 12/16/2015Thinking About an Open Office Plan? Mix It Up.
    Here at Cresa Boston, we have adopted the open office plan, wherein most employees share desk space, without the separation of walls or cubicles. The theory behind the open plan is that today’s employee (especially millennials) wants to collaborate and interact more fluidly with his or her colleagues throughout the day, and those walls of […] Read More
  • 12/9/2015Maximize Every Penny of Your Construction Budget with Add Alternates
    You’re at the car wash, expecting to spend $20 for a basic wash. When you arrive, though, the attendant tells you your car wash will be 30 percent off today. She then tells you that for just a few bucks more, she can add on a wax treatment. Having come in expecting to spend a […] Read More
  • 11/30/2015Don’t Be a Turnkey Turkey
    As a tenant, a commercial space advertised as “turnkey” — meaning the landlord completes the design and build-out of an office space rather than the tenant — can be a tempting proposition. After all, the costly and time-consuming office renovation is one less headache for a company to worry about during their real estate search. […] Read More
  • 10/27/2015Big Changes to the Cambridge Life Sciences Landlord Landscape
    When it comes to commercial lab and office space, Cambridge is still one of the hottest markets in the country. This is especially true in the life sciences industry, where recent years have brought a number of big arrivals, transactions, and expansions in that sector. The Oct. 8 announcement that Blackstone Group is acquiring Biomed […] Read More
  • 10/5/2015Boston: Shoe Capital of the U.S.?
    When we think of Boston, many things come to mind: Redcoats and Colonists, the Irish Diaspora, our rich sports heritage, the Marathon, our colleges and universities…dudes from Malden yelling at fish. But shoes? Actually, yes. Greater Boston is a national hub for some of the world’s biggest shoe brands – and it’s been that way […] Read More
  • 9/30/2015Blockbuster Mergers Make Cresa’s Brand Stronger
    By now you’ve no doubt heard about the merger of Cushman Wakefield and DTZ, forming one of the world’s largest commercial real estate companies. The press release announcement boasted the two companies have a combined “$5 billion in revenue, 43,000 employees, more than 4.3 billion square feet under management, and $191 billion in transaction value.” […] Read More
  • 9/10/2015Security Detail: What You Need to Know About That Pesky Deposit
    Security deposits. They’re an important, albeit boilerplate, part of most lease agreements. You may not know what they’re for, however, or that they can be negotiable. Good news: we’re here to help. What is a security deposit? A security deposit is in place to protect the entire out-of-pocket expense a landlord must incur when signing […] Read More
Cresa Boston Blog / Read More

Project Management

The visualization, planning, design, construction, and fitting out your new workspace is not something you should undertake alone. Our project management team is your assurance that it happens in a creative, timely, cost-effective way. 



We understand that the interests of landlords and developers are not always aligned with yours. We manage the entire process – be it a Build-to-Suit or a tenant fit-out - advising on all issues of program, feasibility, test-fits during site selection. We collaborate with our real estate Advisors during landlord negotiations, maximizing allowances, looking out for your interests at every turn. Additionally, we make sure you get the workplace environment you pay for — and that your people expect — by taking complete control of the following:


Develop the program, advise you on options, explore and plan workplace strategies, develop schemes that support your business objectives.


Manage the engagement of designers, contractors, voice/data suppliers, workstation, furniture and all other providers. 


Take charge of projecting/controlling spending for your project, proactively advising you on issues, creating savings that often exceed our fees.


Oversee the entire project schedule, informing you of key dates, keeping design, construction and vendor processes running in a timely fashion. 


Oversee the process to assure that the team works toward common goals to deliver the perfect outcome for your project.


Manage and schedule all owner-controlled vendors, coordinate with the contractor on site to assure seamless deliveries and installs.


Implement your entire move, plan the transition, coordinate internal committees, hire the mover, provide 24/7 move coordination, so your people keep working with as few distractions as possible.

Tenant Reports

2015 Mid-Year Tenant Reports

Downtown Boston
Office Mid-Year Tenant Report

Cambridge Lab & Office
Lab Mid-Year Tenant Report
Office Mid-Year Tenant Report

Suburban 495 & 128
Route 495 Mid-Year Tenant Report
Route 128 Mid-Year Tenant Report

2014 Year-End Tenant Reports

Downtown Boston
Office Year-End Tenant Report

Cambridge Lab & Office
Lab Year-End Tenant Report
Office Year-End Tenant Report

Suburban 495 & 128
Route 495 Year-End Tenant Report
Route 128 Year-End Tenant Report

2014 Mid-Year Tenant Reports

Downtown Boston

Downtown Office Tenant Report: Mid-Year 2014 

Cambridge Lab & Office
Cambridge Lab Tenant Report: Mid-Year 2014
Cambridge Office Tenant Report: Mid-Year 2014

Suburban 495 &128
Route 495 Office Tenant Report: Mid-Year 2014
Route 128 Office Tenant Report: Mid-Year 2014

2013 Year-End Tenant Reports

Downtown Boston

Boston Office Tenant Report: Year End 2013


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